Big Beauty Sellers – who should you order from?

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There’s a growing umber of big contenders in the e-commerce market specialising in selling everything beauty and cosmetic.  Ordering from a few myself, I thought it would be a good idea to give a little review of each for anyone feeling a bit lost.

DownloadedFile – starting with probably the best known website packed full with all the big names in make-up, and there’s usually a few good offers too.  My first order was dispatched on a Sunday (a Sunday!), arrived quickly in brilliant packaging with a free £5 off voucher on my next order over £25.  I took feelunique up on that offer and placed a second order within a few weeks and their delivery was just as speedy.  I think feelunique are my favourite and most reliable beauty website to order from, however regrettably they’re missing out on some brands such as Zoeva brushes, Shu Uemura and Charlotte Tilbury, which is where the other websites step in…  (delivery is FREE!)

Picture 6 – I turned towards lookfantastic when I noticed a product was cheaper through them, than what it was priced as on feelunique.  You can’t tick off most of the big brands like you can with feelunique (YSL, Dior, etc), but if your brand and product are here it’s a good bet it could be cheaper by a few quid and there’ll either be a 15% or 20% offer on somewhere.  My personal experience with lookfantastic’s delivery however is a bit odd.  My item didn’t come in time, but I received an email explaining this was because there was a fire in their warehouse!  No one was hurt though, they assured me, they apologised and advised my items were to be posted first thing the next day.  I didn’t get a voucher like I did with feelunique, but they’re great to use as a back-up.  (delivery is FREE!)

beautybay-logo – okay these guys are possibly in the same league as feelunique.  I say possibly because although they have some of the big names feelunique hasn’t (Illamasqua, Too Faced, etc) they’re still missing a few favourite brands (Dior, YSL, etc).  However, Beauty Bay’s top trump card may be their contract with Zoeva brushes; you’ll find it hard to get your hands on these from anyone else.  You might see that as shrewd business, but good business it is as these much sought after make up brushes are never in the offers either.  My order was dispatched fast, although I received two emails confirming this for an unknown reason.  They use Hermes as their delivery servants and my order arrived on Good Friday – a bank holiday!  (2 day tracked delivery is free!)

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Selfridges beauty – Chanel, Tom Ford, Suqqu, Charlotte Tilbury – all the big names are here!  I know Selfridges isn’t seen only as a separate beauty selling entity, but I had to include them for this reason, because if you’re willing to increase your budget for the best of the best and can’t make the trip to the nearest store in London, Birmingham or wherever, then this website is where you must go.  Pay particular attention to this site after Christmas – the sales don’t slash the most off, but when is the last time you saw big names like this reduced by a fiver or so?  Exactly.  (Delivery is NOT free, probably because it’s wrapped particularly lovely – see top pic above.)

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Debenhams beauty – same goes to Debenhams to what I just said about Selfridges.  They don’t only sell beauty products, but are trying to crawl their way into the market further with their Debenhams Beauty Club Rewards Points Card – which is honestly an absolutely nightmare, don’t get one!  The way it works is  500 points will get you a £5 off voucher, I think you get 4 points for every £1 you spend, so it’s a bit like a Boots card.  A Boots card won’t take forever to get your points uploaded though, or ask you to register it 100 times, be complicated to use and order with through the website (I tried to use £10 of points to pay with, but it failed.)  When I had problems the customer enquiries stuff didn’t care and one even told me I had no points on my card, when in fact I had £10 worth!  If you’ve got a Boots card stick with that and don’t bother with the big D, totally useless.  (Delivery is only free to Beauty Club cardholders – and that’s only if they find the code they have to enter.)

There are probably more websites you can name me not in this list – so if you’ve ordered from someone really great, or really bad, please comment and share your reviews below.  Thanks for reading!

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