March empties!

Only my second post on empties – I do try to save my empties for posting, especially things I haven’t reviewed, but most of my empties are my usual day-to-day products that aren’t particularly exciting.  But, I argue (with myself, is that weird?) some may still be interesting so review I shall!


Liz Earle Botantical Shine Shampoo – my saviour!  I’d been toying with going SLS free for a while and when I finally decided to give it a go, Liz Earle’s Botantical Shine hair range were the products I made the change with.  This stuff (as well as the Liz Earle Shine Treatment, which is yet to be emptied) has been sooo so good for my hair and scalp, I couldn’t recommend it enough!  I am onto my travel size Liz Earle shampoo now (which I received back in my February Birchbox) whilst I’m waiting for the SLS free Salcura shampoo to come back in stock, but if it doesn’t any time soon I’m going straight back to Ms Earle for sure.  See my full post and video on going SLS free here.

Neutrogena Norweigan Formula Deep Moisture Body Lotion for Dry & Sensitive Skin considering I got this way back in October, it’s lasted me a fair old while!  My opinion of it hasn’t changed much either, the thick consistency of the moisturiser is heavenly to apply to dry skin, my skin drinks it right up!  I’m definitely keeping this in mind for a future repurchase, however I’ve just bought a reduced Aveeno moisturiser I am trialling at the moment.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Oil – another part of my Neutrogena haul bought back in October; the hand cream from this spree has long gone, but these two have kept going, until err.. now.  This saved me a lot of time in the gym after work in the evenings, when I felt I don’t have much time to blog/write anyway.  Although the level of moisturisation (I just made up that word) doesn’t feel as being reborn, as a proper moisturiser or body butter gives you, it still kept me over par (par being skin feeling quite dry, in need of moisture and starting to crack.)

L’Oréal Paris in their Color Riche Boosting Serum lipstick – I’ve pretty much used this everyday since I wrote this post (written back in June for those of you who can’t be bothered to click) and I know it’s weird to denominate a lipstick as ’empty’ but look!  (at the pic below) – I really have almost emptied it!  ‘Freshly Rosy’ is a perfect nude for anybody, but erm, since I bought it such a long time ago I think it’s been discontinued.  Other colours are still available in this range though and do make a nice moisturising lipstick.  It doesn’t top Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick, but it still does the job.

'Empty' lipstick

‘Empty’ lipstick

 Rimmel London Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara – again, weird to label a mascara ’empty’ as well, but we all know the feeling when we can tell our current mascara is running out.  I did a review for this mascara here, but if you didn’t read it, to sum it up I basically said this was my favourite Rimmel mascara.  It has volume, length and UMPH, but the only thing that lets it down is it can be a bit smudgey.  Sigh.

And there you have it for last month’s empties, if I collect a few over the course of this month I’ll be sure to review them.  (Interesting, or not.)

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6 thoughts on “March empties!

      • Oh really? Ha I was loving it in Jan when my eczema decided to flare up, so gentle.

        Yes! It was a very very happy discovery for me last month. I went in to boots to get the burts bees shampoo (also SLS free) and everything was 3for2 so I was taking a look at S&G and double checked the ingredients expecting sulphate and was shocked to see its coconut! Plus it smells divine!x

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