Diego Dalla Palma – Blusher Cheek Brush


I’ve been meaning to review this brush for such a long time. Why has it taken me so long?  Because I never use it.  The last time I used it was when I bought it.  Probably two years ago now.

This is honestly one of the worst make up brushes I’ve ever tried.

The story goes: I was working for an insurance company back in 2013; boring work, but great bonuses.  One of the bonuses was a £250 Marks & Spencers gift card.  

I literally didn’t know what to buy: clothes were not my style and didn’t fit me anyway, I didn’t need any home stuff, they wouldn’t let me transfer it into real foreign money at the currency exchange (thought I’d give it a try anyway…)

So I ended up spending that £250 on underwear, tights, shoes a few make-up bits and this bloody awful brush.


Considering this was around £26 at the time of buying it and it’s still available now on the website (for £28); I thought it’s got to be good.

But nope, the bristles are hard, almost rough, definitely not soft.  So whilst it’s not comfortable to brush it upon your skin, it also doesn’t pick up a lot of product either.

I can’t comprehend how the brush is still selling for around the same price, now available at Debenhams too from what I can see on the web.

The reason why I’ve kept it so long?  To remind me to do this bloody review, now I’ve done it, I can finally bin it.

Anyone else bought this, or anything else, from Diego Dalla Palma?  Have I got a dud brush or are they all the same?

From one sworn-off Diego Dalla Palma customer, for life.

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