Burberry – Kisses Lipstick (video!)

Burberry were dishing out free complimentary samples of their new Kisses lipsticks a few weeks back – all you had to do was register your address with them, but unfortunately I was a bit late on discovering this as only one lipstick colour was left to choose from by the time I was clued in.  (Thanks regardless for tagging me Clare!)

Intrigued by Burberry as a brand, their make-up and mostly because it was all bloody free I asked them to send away.


I did film the video in a bit of a rush – sorry! – so I just want to add in this text bit (if anyone is reading it) this lipstick is quite impressive.

Why?  Well the colour for starters, it’s such a WOW red, which yeah I know isn’t too hard to achieve but it feels incredibly light to wear.

As I say in the video it’s found the right balance between moisturising and durable.  At £25, it’s in the “oh that’s a bit pricey” category but worth a splurge if you add in the gorgeous packaging and design detailing too.

All opinions are my own and I’ve not be endorsed, asked or sponsored to make this video or blog post – although Burberry if you’re reading; I wouldn’t mind receiving some more of your products for free!

(On a side note this blog could soon be going to it’s own domain, I’m not sure yet if this will move it off the wordpress platform but keep updating by following me on twitter – link below.)

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